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Kelway HB-2 Soil Acidity & Moisture Tester

Increase Productivity by Controlling Soil Acidity with a Kelway direct reading soil tester

Tests soil in 3 minutes

Saves you TIME and $$$$

  • Add lime only when you need it
  • Fertilize only when the soil can use it
  • Get on the spot results without time lag
  • No batteries or chemicals
  • Reliable - Accurate - Portable
  • Only 6.5" long - Weighs 8 oz.
  • Complete with handy carrying case
  • Added Feature - Moisture Test Circuit
  • Press button and read % saturation of soil

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Put your soil to the acid test with KELWAY...the Choice of Professionals!

Structure and Operation

The Kelway tester operates on the principle of electrical potential between two dissimilar metal plates - without batteries or any external power source. When inserted into moist soil the HB-2 registers degree of acidity on the upper scale. The lower scale shows degree of moisture (% saturation) when the switch button is held depressed.

Important Features

Time saving -- low cost -- economical to handle -- no maintenance problems -- handy -- always ready for use -- precision meter used -- extremely durable -- no power source needed -- no chemicals -- good for many years of service -- handy carrying case with belt loop -- complete operating instructions including guide for raising soil pH -- two way guarantee -- and
Fully Serviceable

Why test for Soil pH?

pH tells the grower the degree of acidity or alkalinity of his/her soil.

The nutrients that support growth usually cannot dissolve in very acid or very alkaline soil moisture. If they can't dissolve, they can't be used for growth even if they are present in the soil.

Normal beneficial soil bacteria which promote necessary soil enrichment are unable to survive in very acid or very alkaline soil.

pH is an ongoing and ever changing phenomenon. Most soils drift to the acid condition and need regular evaluation so that they can be controlled and productivity increased.

Why choose a direct reading Soil Tester?

Litmus paper is not accurate enough and is difficult to use and to interpret

Laboratory glass electrode pH meters require buffer solutions, temperature control, power sources, clean equipment, and are both fragile and expensive.

Soil brought to a laboratory for testing often changes pH en route before it can be tested due to CO2 losses, and you must wait for results.

A direct reading tester goes with you. It is portable, rugged, convenient, operates without a power source and is not overly sensitive to temperature variances.

Why choose Kelway?

KELWAY SOIL TESTERS are direct reading, accurate, ruggedly constructed to give multiple years of service, easy to use and they are guaranteed and serviced by KEL INSTRUMENTS CO., INC., a company which has served pH needs for nearly a half century.

You can't carry a laboratory with you, and you can't rely on an inaccurate substitute. The KELWAY is the only professional, serviceable, dependable, direct reading soil tester available. Many thousands are in everyday professional use. If soil testing has meaning to you - you owe it to yourself to own a moderately priced KELWAY® SOIL TESTER. Nationally advertised.

Available from your local distributor or contact Kel Instruments Co., Inc.
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